Pandora's Box DX 3000 Games in 1 For Jamma Arcade Machines

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Product Overview

  • Official 3A / 3H Pandoras Box DX Jamma Version for Arcade Machines
  • 3000 games in 1
  • Supports 3D games(34 included, more can be added)
  • Supports FBA/MAME/PS1/SFC/SNES/FC/Genesis and Megadrive games
  • HDMI/VGA/CGA support
  • 1280x720/640x480/384x224(Arcade Crt 15Khz)
  • Free mode and coin mode can be paused
  • High scares can be saved
  • Supports 3 and 4 player games via USB (103 included)
  • Scanline function available
  • Ability to turn off smoothing
  • Custom button mapping for 8 buttons per player
  • English/Korean/Spanish language support
  • Ability to add games
  • Auto-Fire function
  • Timer mode


(No reviews yet) Write a Review